GrovTec Sling Swivel Stud Sets

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GrovTec Sling Swivels
Euro swivels above, GrovTec Sling Swivel Studs below.

Grovtec are an American based company who produce slings, holsters, Tactical accessories and lots more. In Australia, however, they are probably known more so for their great range of quick detachable mounts and bases, picatinny rails and swivel studs and swivels. Grovtec offer well made sling swivels that feature close tolerances for a snug and solid fit. Available in Nickel or black you can choose from a standard locking swivel, QD push button swivel, shotgun set and even a barrel band swivel set that attaches to the barrel itself.

For example, Marcus our editor loves his Brno model 2 and CZ 527, but they came from the factory with continental-style non-detachable sling swivels. Now he couldn’t fit a wider sling than what his fixed swivel width allowed. And his Pattern 07 Springfield-type leather sling has twin hooks to use in various shooting positions which he uses in his field class and service

GrovTec Sling Swivel Stud Sets
GrovTec Sling Swivel Stud Sets

competitions. Fitting a ® of an inch wide sling wasn’t going to happen. My heart bleeds for you Marcus, so go out and buy a Grovtec swivel that suits your sling, they have a huge selection of styles and sizes.

That’s where USA made Grovtec conventional American-style swivel studs come in to play. Check them out at your local gun shop. Trade enquiries to Herron security And Sport.Visit

P.S. For the information of readers, I did exactly that wityh the photo to prove it – Marcus.




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