The .220 Swift in one of the available factory loads.

Another .220 Swift Fan

The .220 Swift (far right) is the undisputed king of varmint .22 centrefires.
The .220 Swift (far right) is the undisputed king of varmint .22 centrefires.

Q: After reading your articles on the .220 Swift and Wilson Arrow over many years, I find your experiences closely parallel my own. I am 72 years old and grew up on a farm on the Central Tablelands. I started out at age 14 shooting rabbits with a .22 rimfire, but at that time I knew of no one shooting them with a .22 centrefire – I’d never heard of varmint sniping. In 1951 I bought a Model 70 Winchester in .220 Swift and installed a 10x Lyman scope with fine crosshairs, I was the first in my area to start using such a rifle on varmints – crows, rabbits and foxes. I was absolutely amazed at how far away I could hit a varmint. It was sudden death on goats and pigs with

The .220 Swift in one of the available factory loads.
The .220 Swift in one of the available factory loads.

the Hornady 60gn bullet. Years later, I bought a heavy-barreled Remington in .243 and although it was extremely accurate, I couldn’t tag a varmint with it as far away as I could with the Swift. I foolishly sold that Swift to a mate, but still have a longing for another rifle chambered for it. My problem is that no one seems to chamber for the Swift anymore. Can you tell me where I can get one? I’ve seen the Swift put down by gun writers over the years, but you’re one of the few who writes any kind words about it. Despite the unkind press the Swift has received in the past, in my estimation it is still the finest long-range varmint cartridge of all time.
Darryl Hall

Remington 700 Varmint VSF in .220 Swift.
Remington 700 Varmint VSF in .220 Swift.

A: Halleluja brother! Don’t lose faith. The Remington Model 700 Varmint SF is available in .220 Swift. It has a synthetic stock and 26″ stainless fluted barrel. It weighs 8-1/2lb. I don’t know whether the new Remington distributor, Nioa, will bring it in, but you may be able to place a special order with your local gunshop.




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