Interested in the New 33 Nosler

Q: Nosler claims that their new 33 Nosler cartridge was designed to outperform other cartridges in its calibre class. Is this true? If so, can I have my Model 70 in .338 Win. rechambered for it? Capacitywise, how does the 33 Nosler compare with the .338 Win. Mag? What kind of velocity can I expect with 225gn and 250gn bullets?
Peter Constance

A: Like the 26, 28 and 30 Nosler cartridges, the new 33 is based on a modified Remington Ultra Mag case. which is capable of handling pressures in the region of 65,000 psi. The fat case has a sharp 35-degree shoulder and holds heavy charges of slow-burning powders. It has a C.O.L (cartridge overall length) of 3.34 inches and fits in a standard .30-06 length action and a check of SAAMI cartridge drawings shows that the

overall dimensions of the .338 Nosler are larger than the .338, but check on the conversion’s viability with your gunsmith. As far as I know there are only two factory loads for the 33 – a 225gn AccuBond at 3025 fps developing the whopping muzzle energy of 4756 ft/lb which is about 20-percent greater than the .338 Win. Mag., and a 265gn AccuBond Long Range bullet at 2775fps for an M.E of 4532 ft/lbs. The G1 ballistic coefficient of this bullet is .778 so it should be able to reach way out yonder across bare tundra and bag a bull moose. It’s one helluva powerhouse and with a recoil of 45.6 ft/lb it ain’t for any would-be-if-he-could-be with lace on his panties.




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