Single Shoulder Strap frees up right shoulder for rifle butt.

A Versatile Small Pack

The 3V Gear Outlaw Gear Slinger Pack is highly suited to day jaunts whistling foxes.

The 3V Gear Outlaw Gear Slinger Pack has a total capacity of 11.2 litres spread over three compartments, a main bottom, top front and bottom front, so it is easy to organise your gear for shorter day excursions away from base camp or vehicle.
The ingenious configuration of shoulder strap and an upward connecting strap from the waist strap allow easy access to all the compartments by simply swivelling the pack around to the front of the torso, where it can be carried as well.

On a recent fox whistling day, I fitted knife and steel, warm fleece, extra ammo, snacks, compact camera and water bottle

Small accessory slots
Small accessory slots

without much thought. If I were out in more remote locations, I’d reconfigure and easily fit more, The Molle attachment straps and velcro top panel allow further versatility and external load attachment if needed.

The feature that I really like on this pack is that the only shoulder strap slings over the left shoulder, thereby not fouling the butt of the rifle when shouldered by a righthander. It has always been a bugbear of mine and that’s why I instantly fell in love with this Outlaw Gear Slinger.

Built to exacting standards from heavy-duty 600D nylon, the Outlaw is hydration compatible with an internal sleeve to fit a laptop, if desired and it also has theft deterrent devices built-in to secure zipper pulls. The back panel is of EVA vented design and the sling strap is faced with air vented material.

Computer or hydration sleeve

Single Shoulder Strap frees up right shoulder for rifle butt.
Single Shoulder Strap frees up right shoulder for rifle butt.

3V Gear is distributed in Australia by Outdoor Sports, who also now import the excellent Maven Optics line. You can check out their website at




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