Ausssie Wool Socks Discounted

Lindner’s wool products keep you cozy warm from head to toe

Marcus Clovelly 31/8/17 9-degreesC
Marcus Clovelly 31/8/17 9-degreesC

Well it’s almost Father’s Day and readers should know that a great Australian company is weaving the most beautifully-cushioned, hard-wearing socks from fine Australian merino wool in Crookwell, in southern NSW and they are currently discounted for our readers.

I have had some very recent experience with Lindner’s products which I will recount here. Just this morning, I chose to swim

Pure Merino Beanie - Cream
Pure Merino Beanie – Cream

some laps in the ocean (Clovelly) just after dawn. Three or four times every winter, I do this, not out of a sense of masochism, but to bolster my immune system. I do it because I work in an air conditioned office where a majority of my

Merino Thick Full Cushioned Loose Top Wool - Cream
Merino Thick Full Cushioned Loose Top Wool – Cream

co-workers have come down with the flu. So far it has worked. If you want to find out more about the rationale google Vim Hof

Anyhow, my mate Neil Buchanan swims all year with Bronte Splashers and he swears by wrapping himself in a towel and wearing his “black ‘thermal’ flip-flops” between dips, but I go a few steps better. I get out after swimming a kilometre and the wind chill is daunting. I have a cold shower, then I put on a fleece, my rugby shorts, my Lindner Cream Merino Full Cushioned Loose Top Wool socks and my wife’s Pure Merino Beanie and I feel instantly, substantially warmer.

Marcus Lindners in New Boots
Marcus Lindners in New Boots

While I have been busy bolstering my immune system, I have also been wearing in a new pair of Gaerne boots, which are working out very well. To do this I have been wearing my Lindner classic Thick Full Cushioned Wool Black/Bottle/Khaki socks

Classic Thick Full Cushioned Wool - Black/Bottle/Khaki
Classic Thick Full Cushioned Wool – Black/Bottle/Khaki

and my feet are thanking me for it. In fact, I stood all day standing on concrete handing out Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party how-to-vote cards at a Randwick pre poll booth for eight hours on Monday in 6-degree wind chill and I came through just fine.

If you want to support an Australian business, selling the best Australian wool products for outdoorsmen and women, then you need to stock up on Lindner gear. By the way, company director Andrew Lindner is a shooter, getting amongst the foxes for local woolgrowers at every opportunity. Just one more reason to support those who support our sport.




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