Bush Safety with ARB

ARB First Aid Kits
ARB First Aid Kits

While ARB are world leaders in aftermarket 4WD accessories, the touring lineup also features many products to make your outback journey a little more comfortable and safer. Now they have added three ARB first aid kits to the range for unexpected accidents that may occur.
These kits include an ARB Family First Aid Kit (355mmW X 270mm H X 140mmD) which incorporate over 42 quality first aid supplies from antiseptic dressings, bandages, eye wound kit and lots more, in fact it also contains critical first aid supplies and instructions designed to assist in an emergency situation. Next they offer the Personal First Aid Kit (260mmW X 190mmH X 100mmD) equipped to treat cuts, abrasions, sprains,
minor burns and more. This kit includes 33 quality first aid supplies.
The third in the series is the ARB Snake and Spider Bite Kit (120mmW X 210mmW x 60mmD) and one I carry while out hunting the hills and hope I never have to use it. This kit has been specifically designed for the treatment of snake and spider bites. It contains quality materials designed to aid in the event of a bite, as well as an emergency first aid booklet and a snake and spider information booklet. Some of the products included are an instant cold pack, 3 x crepe bandages, triangular bandages etc. If bitten by a venomous spider or snake, however, this kit will assist you while in the bush to properly contain the wound but I’d strongly suggest you seek medical attention as soon as possible.
To see the full range call in at your nearest ARB outlet or www.arb.com.au




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