High Caliber gun oil

High Caliber Australian-made gun oils

High Caliber Cleaning Supplies is a family-run small business based in Victoria offering a premium range of bore and all-purpose cleaners and oils for use on firearms and tools.

In addition, they offer a knife and blade oil as well as a series of brass patch holders and firearm bore cleaning guides — with more cleaning gear on the way.

It’s both Australian-owned and made.

High Caliber’s Premium Bore and All Purpose Cleaner is designed to clean and degrease firearms and is more than capable of removing carbon deposits plus other stubborn stains like blood and copper fouling.

Supplied in a 500mL bottle, the contents are actually a concentrate and require diluting with water before use. Safe for metal, rubber and plastic, this high-power cleaner retails for under $25 a bottle and will last a long time. In fact, I’m told you can make up to 2.5 litres of cleaner with this one 500mL bottle.

Next is the Premium Firearm and Tool Oil available in a 50mL bottle. This product uses the highest quality ingredients including a magnetic and antistatic additive that creates a polymeric film to protect firearms and metal parts from rust, moisture and wear.

HC Firearm and Tool Oil is also ideal for use on knives and other tools. A few drops are all you need as this formula goes a long way once applied and is also ideal for coating the inside of the barrel for complete protection.

High Caliber also offers a similar oil for fishing reels and a food-grade oil for knives and blades.

Other products in the range include cleaning mats, ammo box cleaning kits, cleaning cloths, stickers, T-shirts and more.

To find out more visit the High Caliber website.




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