Brunox gun cleaning products with the rifles used in testing.

High-Tech Cleaning and Protection From BRUNOX

Brunox gun cleaning products with the rifles used in testing.

Brunox gun cleaning products with the rifles used in testing.

Lately I have been using Brunox gun care products from Switzerland to look after my rifles and they differ from many of the run-of-the-mill oils and solvents currently on the market. There are two products in the lineup, Brunox Turbo-Spray and Brunox Lub & Cor and they each have distinct functions.

The developers of Brunox products were looking not only to gun care, but also to other light machinery applications eg bikes, pumps and moving parts of motors, so keen handymen and the technically oriented amongst us could find multiple uses for Brunox.

BRUNOX Turbo-Spray

Described as “a long-term lubricant based on a balanced mixture of hydrocarbons with the additive TURBOLINE”. Turbo-spray is an aerosol which comes in 100 and 300ml containers. Typical applications on a firearm include:

  • Loosening rust and built-up sludge-type deposits from years of old, sticky lubrication.

  • Penetrating hard-to-get-at recesses and gaps.

  • Removing mineral and organic dirt from all metal surfaces

  • Initial cleaning of the bore.

To clean the bore is simple:

  1. Spray or drop into the barrel and wait for 15-20 minutes.

  2. Dampen your cleaning brush or patch with BRUNOX Turbo Spray.

  3. Run the brush or patch through the bore once to dislodge most fouling.

  4. Reapply Turbo Spray to brush to clean off residue or add new soaked patch and run up and down bore 15-20 times.

  5. Remove any remnants after Step 4 with a clean patch

  6. Your barrel is now ready for a protective coating.

Spika 28 Piece Cleaning Kit

BRUNOX Lub & Cor

From its name, you will have by now worked out that this product is designed for protection of firearms and other machinery during storage. It comes in 400ml Aerosol and 100ml drop-applicator containers. BRUNOX Lub & Cor is a high-quality lubricant and long-term corrosion inhibitor for storage or transport. It is also of very low toxicity level, not irritating eyes or skin.

Lub & Cor is a “non-hardening High-Tec, two-function product suitable for many long-term corrosion protection needs. It forms a very compact, non-hardening anti-corrosive film, which also provides complete cover into corners and edges.

“It also lubricates under enormous surface pressure and can be removed with cleaning materials when no longer required.

“Lub & Cor provides perfect care for your gun, giving up to three years’ lubrication and is free of nano-particles, silicon, PTFE and acids.”

BRUNOX Lub & Cor is perfect for application to slides and other metal to metal bearing and moving surfaces.

One great asset of Lub & Cor is that, upon cleaning and drying your bore with BRUNOX Turbo Spray, you pass one light Lub & Cor patch through your bore to protect it during storage and you do not have to remove the Lub & Cor from the bore before shooting the firearm.

In use, I have not been able to ascertain the long-term corrosion protection qualities of Lub & Cor, due to the fact that I have only had the products for a month at the time of writing, but I have been doing plenty of range-based shooting and using the BRUNOX products exclusively for that time.

I have found the Turbo Spray product the equal or better than any other that I have found for loosening and removing carbon residue and fouling and have shot rifles with Lub & Cor still in the bore with no ill effects whatsoever. Were I a pistol shooter, the lubricant qualities of Lub & Cor on semi-auto slides and internal parts would no doubt be most suitable to keep things slick and functional. As for my target rifles, I’d venture that copper fouling is not accruing as fast as it normally does and accuracy and consistency remain within expectations.

If you are keen on keeping your firearms in top condition, these BRUNOX products would be a welcome addition or replacement for your maintenance regime. BRUNOX firearms maintenance products are distributed in Australia by SPIKA, who also supply safes and a range of shooting-related accessories to the trade. Web: Trade enquiries to

Note: This review appeared in the October 2014 issue of Sporting Shooter. Since that time, I have left several of my lesser-used rifles (safe queens) protected by Brunox Lub &Cor and they remain pristine, even where I live within spitting distance of the ocean.




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