Kopfjäger tripods and rests

Kopfjäger tripods and rests

Kopfjäger produces a rock-steady range of carbon-fibre and aluminium tripods that are ideal for precision shooters and hunters, or for use when out filming or photographing game. Both the carbon-fibre and aluminium tripods offer seated to standing position adjustment via their three-position angle locks and multiple leg extensions. The K700 aluminium tripods and K800 carbon-fibre tripods have been designed to work on their own or together with their range of accessories for precision shooting and ease of use.

Kopfjäger has a full range of replacement parts, like rubber tripod feet, a carry strap and more. You can purchase these tripods with or without a rail, grip or accessories. So if you simply want a rock steady tripod for your spotter or camera, you can purchase it on its own. Both include a carry case and feature a reversible threaded stud with 3/8”-16 and 1/4”-20 threads.

These tripods also feature a reversible centre column that offers an extra 38cm (14.9 inches) of height. At full extension they reach 183cm (72 inches); retracted, they stand just 69cm (27 inches) high.

Alternatively, you can purchase the K700 or K800 as a kit which includes a rail system for attaching other fittings and the Reaper Grip. What’s a Reaper Grip, you might ask? I’m told this well-designed piece of equipment was actually designed by SWAT members to provide unshakeable, fatigue-free stability in high-stakes situations and where precision is a must. The Reaper Grip upper assembly mounts directly to a ball-joint head system and simply fits to the tripod via a 3/8”-16 threaded stud. The Reaper Grip will hold and anchor most tapered or straight rifle stocks and chassis via a non-slip grip sleeve, providing a sturdy base for such things as long-range shooting or sighting in a firearm. Add to this a smooth pan and tilt motion via the tripod and you have the complete shooting rest solution.

Extremely well made, the Kopfjäger range of tripods and accessories is now available through gun shops Australia wide.

To see the full range or to find out more ask at your local gun shop. For trade enquiries, contact TSA Outdoors or visit www.tsaoutdoors.com.au.




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