Kufu gun storage drawer

Kufu releases secure in-car drawer system for gun storage

Kufu’s Australian-designed range of drawers, which offers a gun-storage option, has a clever quick-release system and is based on 16 years in the 4WD industry, selling and installing offroad products and travelling the harsh Australian bush.

The concept of a quick-release Catch-and-Click system that allowed drawers to be fitted and removed in seconds without tools was well received and since then a comprehensive range of drawers in a variety of sizes is now available using this unique system.

This range of vehicle storage solutions is strong, reliable and tested for general safety requirements (ADR 42/05 and 69/00) and peace of mind to suit the recreational, fleet, mining and defence industries, to name a few.

Another great feature is the internal and external LED lighting system powered by its own lithium battery, activated the moment you open the drawer.

There’s also an external dual high-output task light that’s controlled by a switch on the drawer’s front. There’s no hard wiring required.

As a modular system, the drawers offer several lengths and heights, all made from a strong fibre-reinforced resin composite.

Many lengths are offered: 750, 850, 950, 1050, 1400 and 1700mm, and all come in 180, 280 or 460mm heights.

The drawers are all-weather IP sealed and of UV stable design.

These high strength-to-weight drawers are stackable and have an easy-installation mounting platform and brackets for selected wagons and utes.

Kufu drawers are the ideal system to store and organise your gear when away camping or hunting. As always, it’s best to check your state laws to ensure you’ll comply with firearm storage requirements.

To find out more visit kufu.com.au.




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Tony Pizzata

Tony's hunting career spans more than 50 years, from small game here in Australia through to big-game hunts around the globe. His first article was published in Sporting Shooter magazine almost 40 years, and he has worked full-time here as National Sales Manager and Field Editor for over 35 years. Tony's contribution to Sporting Shooter's solid foundations spans its printed history as well as its move to a digital future.