Nitehog Viper thermal imaging clipon

New Nitehog Viper 35 and 50 thermal clip-on

The Nitehog Viper range boasts the smallest, lightest and most compact thermal imaging devices in their class.

Designed as a clip-on, it easily attaches to any riflescope, allowing for both day and night shooting without having to remove your day scope.

When not on a riflescope, the Viper can be used as a night observation device on its own.

Weighing a mere 295 grams without the battery, it offers military-grade ruggedness.

Both 35mm and 50mm models offer a 1 MOA guarantee to hit your daytime optic’s zero at 100 metres without sighting in. I’m told it is the only product on the market that can do so without initial sighting in.

Both the 35 and 50 are similar in function, but the Viper 35 is designed for close-range work with wider field of view, while the 50 is more for longer ranges and features a longer detection and recognition range.

Some of the many features of the Viper 35 include 1x optical and 2 or 4x digital magnification, four image modes and a detection distance of up to 1380m.

The Viper 50 offers up to a 2160m detection range on targets. Both models offer exceptional quality and proven precision.

Nitehog is a well-known player in the thermal imaging device market. It originated in Bulgaria and is now based in Germany, where its products are assembled.

Keep an eye out for a full review of the Nitehog Viper soon.

For more information or for details of your nearest stockist see the Australian Sporting Agencies website. Trade enquiries welcome.




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