Spika Xone hunting pants in Biarri camouflage

Review: Spika Xone hunting pants

Spika’s Xone pants are practical all-round hunting strides that are as smartly designed as they look, and they’re looking good as we head into warm weather.

They’re a mildly slim fit, as is the fashion, but not tight, especially as the material stretches comfortably. They’ve also got some length to them, which I appreciate, being longer in the legs.

Spika Xone hunting pants in Biarri camouflage
The stretch fit is comfortable and the waist comes with a small removable belt as well as loops for your own belt

A hook in the bottom of the legs allows you to lock them to the laces of your boots to ensure they stay over the top of the boots to prevent crap getting in. There are also elastic drawstrings on the hems so you can blouse them onto the top of your boots in military fashion.

The waist design is great. It is slightly high-cut, which suits outdoors comfort. It has plenty of stretch to cater for you when you walk, squat, climb and do all those other bush movements we do when hunting.

The inbuilt belt is a thin webbing one secured with a quick-release plastic clip but if you prefer to remove it and use your own, there are five standard-width belt loops.

There are five pockets all up: one at the back for a wallet, which seals with a zip; two generous hip pockets like you’d find in jeans; and two thigh pockets with zips. The thighs pockets are not big bellows-type ones but they’re big enough and stuff doesn’t bounce around in them, which is a big positive.

The all-synthetic material is very quiet to help you stalk silently, even in thick scrub.

It’s not a warm material on its own, which is great in the hotter weather, and if that’s still not cool enough you can open the zippered vents that run from lower hip to knee on the outside of each leg. This lets a fair bit of body heat escape.

I’ve worn the Xone pants with thermals underneath when it was cold. I was warm and comfortable on a stalk.

If it’s colder — or windier, because these won’t stop the breeze — you could add a thicker pair of pants over the top. This would have the advantage of letting you shed that outer layer when you’re running hot, as I tend to do when I’m on the go.

Spika bills these as four-season pants, and that’s about right if you keep in mind what I’ve said above. They’re versatile because their use can be extended in conjunction with other gear. They dry quickly, too.

If you reckon these might be too hot for summer, you can buy the Xone shorts instead.

I’ve been wearing them regularly for about 18 months, including on a number of hard hunts in rough country, and they’re still they’re looking fine. The knees have a second layer sewn into them for extended durability, which helps.

The quality is good, with everything well stitched together and no flaws.

They’re definitely good pants, ideal for hunting in warm to mild conditions, but not limited just to that. The features are well considered and the comfort very good.

Spika Xone pants

  • Sizes: S-5XL
  • Colours: Brown or Biarri camo
  • Price: $159.95
  • Distributor: Spika




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