Hunters and farmers say gun control advocates hijacking debate over banned Adler

The Herald Sunreported Shooters and farmers have accused gun control advocates of hijacking a debate around a contentious shotgun for their own political gain.

Shooters have been unfairly targeted and the Adler debate is just a deliberate attempt to mislead the public to push even tighter gun laws and push the overall anti-gun movement.

Sporting Shooters Association of Victoria chief executive Jack Wegman said a handful of people had used the Adler to “play on the public’s emotions”

“As the saying goes, ‚ÄòIf you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it’. Now, even our law makers seem to be struggling to sort fact from fiction,” he said.

“We want to see the categorisation of all firearms remain as is. Any future changes to Australia’s firearm laws must be based on facts and data, not emotive rhetoric”.

More than 7000 Australians have ordered the shotgun — which can fire up to eight shots in 10 seconds — predominantly for pest control on farms or licensed recreational hunting.

Mr Wegman said there were no reported cases of an Adler lever-action shotgun being used in any crime in Australia.

“To use this lever-action firearm as the metaphorical poster boy for ‚Äògun violence’ in Australia is just ludicrous.”

Field and Game general manager David McNabb said the campaign against the Adler was an “ideological one” which was based on “emotion and rhetoric”.

He said hunting and shooting groups, such as his, were “very concerned” about the precedent that changes to the classification of lever action shotguns would have to the principles of evidence based decision-making.

“Firearms easily engender an emotive response when exploited by gun control advocates and the media,” Mr McNabb said.

“This is why we must work with facts and data, and avoid emotion.”

He said the Adler was not “new technology” and was based the 150-year-old lever-action model which is legal under all state laws.

Mr McNabb said gun owners had no desire to see existing laws governing firearms watered down and were only seeking the current the National Firearms Agreement to be maintained.

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