$16 Million On Other Deer Control Methods – NSW War on Deer

The war on deer in NSW continues with further regulations being dropped tomake killing them on private land even easier. This is the start or a slippery slope for deer with other obvious control methods just around the corner.

ABC RadiointerviewedAgriculture Minister Adam Marshallwho painted a clear picture of what is to come.

“This is a signigicant first step removing this semi protected special game status that deer have, it is crutial as it makes it easer for land holders to control deer on private land. Tt negates the need for special game hunting licences.”

“We now have consitecy across the state in the way that we treat and control feral animals and invasive species”

“This is the first step of many,the state government is partnering with a number of agensies on significant projects. Two projects worth 16million dollars to look at other control measures to control deer populations.”

“At the moment we are limited to aerial and on ground culling, trapping and exclusion fencing. Clearly this is not enough together with this new regulation to control deer. We will need to access and apply other control measures, this is what the research is all about”.

Michael Condon “Would poison be worth trying on deer like the current dog baiting programs, is it possible that some form of poison should be used to bring these numbers down?”

Adam Marshall “That is exactly what those 2 research projects are looking at now, obviously with deer being a herbivore you couldnt necesarily apply a 1080 poison”

The minister goes on to list the options that are being investigated. Baiting, sterilization programs or other measures.

Someone should organise a trip to New Zealand forAgriculture Minister Adam Marshall as DOC have no trouble targeting deer with 1080 poision and reported native kills.

For those holding a G licence for deer hunting only they can apply for a refund.

This with forest privatisation on the cards it is a grim-looking future for deer hunting in NSW.




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