Winchester to distribute Colt handguns in Australia

Winchester Australia has taken over the distributorship for Colt Firearms in Australia, effective now.

As part of the distributorship arrangement, Winchester Australia will now be offering the following Colt handguns:

  • Colt Python (.357 Magnum revolver)
  • Colt Anaconda (.44 Magnum revolver)
  • Colt 1911 Govt Comp Stainless (.45 ACP semi-auto; 9rnd mag)
  • Colt 1911 Govt Comp Stainless (9mm Parabellum semi-auto; 10rnd mag)
  • Colt Combat Elite Government (.45 ACP semi-auto; 9rnd mag)
  • Colt Gold Cup Trophy Stainless (.45 ACP semi-auto; 9rnd mag)
  • Colt Gold Cup Lite Stainless (.45 ACP semi-auto; 9rnd mag)
  • Colt Gold Cup National Match Blued (.45 ACP semi-auto; 9rnd mag)
  • Colt Govt National Match Blued (.45 ACP semi-auto; 9rnd mag)

None of the Colt centrefire handguns are what you’d call cheap – a stainless .357 Magnum Colt Python has an RRP in Australia of $3450 – but they have a loyal following and a reputation for excellent performance, not to mention more than 185 years of brand history.

As the official announcement notes:

“Today, Colt maintains its position as one of the world’s leading pistol manufacturers by blending state-of-the-art technologies and modernised manufacturing methods to produce quality firearms. 

“Colt has a legendary history and rich tradition in the firearm industry since Samuel Colt was issued the US patent for the first Colt firearm and built his factory in 1836.”

Winchester Australia also distribute handguns from CZ, Steyr, and Browning; the addition of the Colt guns brings Winchester’s total pistol model offering down under to 31 models including the CZ-75 SP01 Shadow 2, the Browning Buck Mark, and the Steyr L9 as well as the new Colt guns.

The addition of Colt to the Winchester range also lets the Geelong-based distributor fill some gaps in its line-up, notably revolvers (previously they had none in the catalogue) as well as .45 ACP handguns (also previously absent).

For enquiries about purchasing a new Colt handgun, contact your local firearms dealer.




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Royce Wilson

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