Animal Libbers Attack A Regional Schools Involvement In the Bacon Busters Pig Competition

Animal libbers have attacked a Whitsundays regional school for its involvement in the Collinsville Bacon Busters pig hunting competition.

The popular hunting event raises much-needed funds for the school whilst removing feral pigs that are destroying local crops and native areas.

There has been no known contribution from the animal libbers to the school or any practical alternative solution to control the pigs. One local suggested they should catch some pigs and rehome them through their animal liberation networks.

The Green Shirts Movement reportedThe annual Bacon Busters competition is a fundraiser for the Collinsville State High School and the radical Animal Liberation Queensland are trying to bring a stop to it. Feral pigs cause a massive amount of damage to both agriculture and to the environment. They are also a cause of major worry as a disease carrier in the event of something like swine fever or foot & mouth entering Australia.

” Animal activists who set their sights on a beloved pig hunting competition have come under fire for an online petition to get the fundraiser shut down.

The petition had targeted the annual Bacon Busters competition, a major fundraiser for Collinsville State High School and supported by Whitsunday Regional Council, with claims the nature of the event was “repugnant” and questions raised about the students’ involvement suitability.

The issue exploded on our [Daily Mercury] social media with more than 1300 comments in 24 hours – clearly a topic that draws strong opinions.

The reality is that feral pigs exist in our region of cane fields, rivers and coast. In massive numbers.
And they cause harm to the environment, both cane farms and rivers, eroding mangroves and threatening fish species and other natural flora.

They are a pest. And each year (with the exception of 2020, like many things), Bacon Busters musters the pig hunters and culls big numbers of the them.

That a small regional high school benefits from the proceeds of the hunt should be viewed through the same lens as any other fundraiser.

It’s not about the ends justifying the means; it’s the means being a justifiable activity for the region in which it is held.

On the broader question of whether pig hunting should be banned, the response was overwhelmingly no. “




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