Chilly reception: Jennifer Hens and Dane Sampson at Hannover, where temperatures dropped as low as 5C.

Aussies hot in Hannover

Petr Kurka, national rifle coach at Australian International Shooting Ltd, reports on our shooters’ performances at the International Shooting Competitions of Hannover, one of the largest rifle events outside the World Cup.

Day One

Jennifer Hens began her Air rifle competition quite nervously, but managed a strong end, finishing 40th (out of 69 W) with 406.5 (whole score of 95-96-96-99/386).

In the Men’s 3P match, Dane Sampson began his kneeling position match with confidence and shot 97-99. Although he didn’t finish in first position on the same level, his result of 385 was good. The second position was prone, in which Sampson did well and shot 396.

Since Sampson’s last few standing practice rounds had gone well, we had a lot of confidence going into this match, but too many “8′ hits knocked his result down to 370. A total result of 1151 wasn’t bad and will offer a solid base for the following Plzen competition.

Day Two

The next day saw both our athletes competing in Prone events. They had to shoot in very cold, rainy conditions. Sampson shot well, with the exception of his last shot (9,4). A result of 620.6 secured 17th place for him (out of 133 shooters). His whole score was 594.

Hens started even better and after two series was the leader. Unfortunately, the cold weather affected her and she recorded two low series. A score of 588 was enough to place her 15th (out of 61).

Day Three

The rain had subsided but temperatures plummeted even further, making it difficult to compete. Hand warmers came in handy, especially in the morning.

Hens shot part of her 3P competition very well, but not too well for the other parts. Her total of 567 (K 187 P 195 S 185) wasn’t good enough for the finals. She was placed 25th (out of 59), while the cut-off for the final was 575.

Sampson had a lucky day as he was shooting inside and not out in the terrible 5C. Due to jet leg, all three of us were a bit tired. Sampson didn’t start well and within the first 20 shots he lost a lot of decimals (100.7/95 and 100.7/96). A very good end of 396 on whole points was good enough to secure 33rd place (out of 67).

Now that the ISCH in Hannover has come to a close, our group will drive to Plzen, where the 44th Grand Prix of Liberation begins on Wednesday May 1 with PET for prone. Warmer, pleasant weather conditions are expected in Plzen.

See more images on the AISL website.

See the full ISCH results here.




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