AWU clouds the facts

The media release issued by the Australian Workers’ Union NSW (AWU) on 15 February, “Kids in parks with guns”, contains factually incorrect and misleading statements.

The meeting at which Game Council supposedly revealed its “kids with guns” policy was in fact a discussion between multiple agencies regarding the draft risk assessment for supplementary pest control in national parks using licensed hunters.

The draft risk assessment has not been formally released by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and Game Council continues to work in conjunction with it to ensure this process is to international standards.

It is not Game Council’s place to reveal or implement a “kids with guns” policy.

The NSW Police Force Firearms Registry is responsible for the issue and administration of firearms licences under the Firearms Act 1996 and its Regulation 2006.

Before any minor is issued with such a Minor’s Firearms Permit, they must first pass a firearms safety test to the satisfaction of the police registry, and the permit is issued subject to the minor having the support and supervision of an adult holding a current and unrestricted Firearms Licence issued by the NSW Police Force Firearms Registry.

All hunting on public land is subject to the Game and Feral Animal Control Act.

Nothing in that Act or Regulation overrides the provisions of the Firearms Act.

Minors who apply for a Junior Game Hunting Licence with Game Council must only hunt in the care and supervision of an adult that holds a full NSW Game Hunting Licence of the same type as the minor’s Game Hunting Licence.

Blackpowder firearms, also mentioned in the release, are used widely throughout the world and include modern, sophisticated firearms, as well as older or replica blackpowder firearms. It is illegal to hunt with a pistol.

The statements made by the AWU do not do anything but cloud the true situation and real debate on the issue.




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