Free printable targets

The team at Sporting Shooter has created this range of targets for different shooting situations. They are designed to be printed out on A4 paper on your home computer (or your work’s!). There will be more coming, but first we’d love your feedback on how these ones go. We’ll also be running some sort of competition involving these targets in the coming weeks so look out for that.

Competition target

This circular target is designed for those shooters who want to have a casual shooting competition with their mates or family, no matter the distance or the type of rifle. Let each shooter loose on a target and add up their scores – simple! To open this target for printing, click HERE.

Sighting in target

This target as been designing by the Sporting Shooter team specifically for shooters wanting to sight in their rifles. The aim point is a hollow square for precise aiming, and it is grey in colour so that bullet holes can still be seen from a distance. The gridlines are one inch apart so that shooters can instantly see how high (or low) their rifle is shooting at any particular distance. To open this target for printing, click HERE.

Fox target

This target is just for a bit of fun. I often find myself drawing a fox’s head around my target when sighting in my 204 Ruger. Now you can print one out ready made. It’s designed to print out approximately life size – so aim between the eyes and give yourself confidence that you would have made a killing shot.To open this target for printing, clickHERE.

Rat target

This is anovelty designed specifically for air rifle enthusiasts. The rat is approximately life-sized, so aim for the white circle to make a killing shot. To open this target for printing, click HERE.

Myna target

At Sporting Shooter we encourage the destruction of the Indain myna, one of the worst invasive species in Australia. To help you on you way, here is an Indian myna target, again designed primarily for air gunners. Once you’ve got your eye in, get out there and shoot some real ones! Our native birds will thank you for it. To open this target for printing, click HERE.

Note that the images in the gallery at the top of this pageare just to show what the targets look like – to print them you’ll need to open the links above, where it says HERE.




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