The internal mechanism of the new range of Walther break-barrel air rifles which is said to be quieter with less vibration.

New range of Walther air rifles arrive

Exciting news for those who love a good air rifle with Frontier Arms announcing the arrival of the new range of Walthers and Hammerli 850.

Walther has a good reputation, as you might expect from a German brand, and its new LGV Series air rifles is said to deliver new qualities in its break-barrel rifle.

“Never has shooting been so quiet and free of vibrations, and increased accuracy is the reward,” says the publicity material.

“A silencer reduces muzzle noise, but it does not limit noise in the rifle itself. This is where Super Silent Technology comes in. The LGV is extremely quiet even at high energies. Zero-play fit in places like the barrel lock and cocking rod reduces the noise level, as does the guided piston with an improved polyurethane seal and air cushion.

“The Vibration Reduction System ensures better accuracy and smooth firing. It includes a piston with zero-play piston rings made of low-friction synthetic material.

“To gently brake the piston with an air cushion at the end of its travel, additional transfer holes for each energy level are drilled at optimum locations. This dampens the recoil and protects the rifle scope.

“The piston spring, made of specially tempered valve spring wire, has a long spring guide to keep vibration to a minimum.”

There are five different models that feature the LGV Series internal system, each varying in stock and sight options.

The $610 LGV Challenger kicks off the range with a synthetic all-weather stock, while the LGV Competition Ultra rounds out the 970 f/s (.177), 625 f/s (.22) examples with a sporting beech stock with adjustable cheek piece. It’s recommended retail price is $815.

Capping off the new shipment of Walthers is the 1250 Dominator FT powered by compressed air that delivers some extra punch with 1250 f/s in .177 and 985 f/s in .22. It also comes with a Walther 8-32×56 scope & rings, bipod, compensator, 
filling adaptor and case in a $1420 package.

On top of that, a new Hammerli 850 Air Magnum has arrived as well and is CO2 powered to fire at a velocity of 760 f/s in .177 and 660 f/s in .22. Prices start as $595 through to $875 for the XT package that includes some 

Both air rifles are fitted with an all-weather polymer stock featuring a two-sided Monte Carlo cheekpiece which caters for both right and left handed shooters.

All prices quoted are recommended retail, but check with your local gunshop for specials. Check out the Frontier Arms website for more information.




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