NSW upper house acknowledges importance of hunting, fishing

The Legislative Council (Upper House) of the NSW State Parliament has recognised the importance of hunting in the state, following a motion tabled by Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party MP Robert Borsak.

Among the items in the motion are an acknowledgement of “the important role of hunting and fishing and their contribution to the environmental, economic, cultural and social fabric of New South Wales, especially in rural and regional areas”.

The motion includes a call on the government to recognise 9 November as National Hunting and Fishing Day in Australia.

The motion was passed on 20 September with bipartisan support, much to Mr Borsak’s delight.

“It was a momentous moment when the NSW Parliament Legislative Council … debated and acknowledged the profound impact of responsible hunting and fishing practices on NSW pest management, conservation efforts, indigenous culture and community well-being,” he said.

“It is high time NSW Parliament acknowledges that hunting and fishing are woven into the very fabric of our state as these activities play a pivotal role in our environment, economy, culture, and society, especially in rural and regional areas.”

Mr Borsak was also pleased that the call to establish a National Hunting and Fishing Day had been accepted as well, saying it would honour the contributions made by hunting and fishing.

The NSW Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party has also stated it believes it is time for the NSW government to do a reset for hunting and fishing in the state.

“It is time to progress the establishment of the Recreational Fishing Authority and re-establish a Game and Pest Management Authority that will truly manage, promote and foster recreational fishing and conservation hunting, and we need to acknowledge the right too hunt, fish and gather for all NSW citizens,” Mr Borsak said.

The full Hansard transcript of the motion and its debate is available here.




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