Senate to Shine Spotlight on Australia’s deer Populations

In what is looking like being a very one-sided and one-eyed inquiry about to take place about deer, pig and goat impacts. You can expect some significant control methods and numbers to come out of the Invasive Species Councils senate inquiry.

Reading the tone of the article, it is easy to see what is coming as it appears they have already drawn their own conclusions.

There is no doubting that all introduced species will need some form of control to ensure farming and environmental issues are addressed just as we have to address native animal issues such as Kangaroo numbers. The most concerning issue will be the methods and volume of culling that they will be putting forward.

We shouldn’t hold our breath, but a lot of these “exploding” numbers could be kept in check with greater availability to public lands for hunting.

The Centre for Invasive Species Solutions has just commenced four deer research projects, with $8.7 million direct and in-kind funding from Australian Government, NSW, QLD, Vic, SA.

Extracts from the article

“This inquiry will bring an important national focus to a nationally significant environmental and agricultural threat,” Invasive Species Council CEO Andrew Cox said today.

“We are hoping it will identify national priorities for research, policy reform and management of these destructive animals.

“Feral deer, pigs and goats are a major growing problem for the natural environment, farmers and the Australian public.

“Deer populations, in particular, have grown exponentially in recent decades. In Victoria they are believed to number in the millions, in NSW they cover over one-sixth of the state and there are more than 40,000 feral deer in Tasmania.”

Deer were introduced into Australia the mid-1800s for hunting. Wild populations have established due to deliberate releases and escapes from deer farms. Feral deer occur mainly in south-eastern Australia (where they were released or escaped), but could occupy most of the continent.

The whole article can be viewed here.




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