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Shooters Fishers Farmers Party calls for NSW volunteers as election looms

The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party has put out a wide-ranging call for electorate organisers ahead of the NSW state election on 25 March, as it campaigns to secure Parliamentary seats across the state.

The party, which currently has two Upper House seats, is contesting seats in both the lower and upper houses and needs help co-ordinating booth volunteers in electorates across the state.

It is one of the few openly pro-firearm political parties in Australia with sitting MPs; SFF’s Firearms Policy explicitly states: “The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party asserts the right of law-abiding citizens to own and use firearms. We recognise the cultural and economic significance of recreational shooting, hunting and farming.”

The electorate organiser role is a volunteer position that involves contacting potential booth volunteers in an electorate, confirming their ability to volunteer, and allocating them to booths and/or shifts at early voting centres as well as on election day — Saturday, 25 March.

All electorate organisers will need to complete a confidentiality agreement, and will also need their own computer and phone. 

According to the SFF’s official call for volunteers, an electorate organiser’s duties include:

  • Manages and allocate volunteers within your specified electorate/s.
  • Work according to the direction of Volunteer Manager and EOs.
  • Procure local volunteers within your electorate.
  • Ensure accurate recording of contact details of all volunteers.
  • Feedback information to the VM of call results, confirmed booth rosters and any change of details.
  • Take delivery of all materials, break down by booth/volunteer.
  • Distribute necessary requirements and materials to booths and/or volunteers.

SFF estimates it will need between two and four volunteers at each polling booth, and any amount of time a booth volunteer can provide is greatly appreciated.

SFF has also confirmed Party HQ will provide how-to-vote cards, Corflutes, and printed T-shirts for booths.

Anyone able to assist is being asked to contact SFF NSW Volunteer Manager Christine Bowler via e-mail.




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