Six months jail time for man who trained dogs to hunt and kill animals

Kaleb Kennedy, 21, will spend six months behind bars after using dogs tohunt and kill wild animals. Detectives say it is one of the worst animal cruelty cases they have ever seen. “The way that he deals with animals is disturbing,” Cobram Detective Senior Constable Jason Williams said..

The Land’s Emily Wood reported he was convicted of aggravated cruelty to a deer, boar, goat and cat, hunting game without a licence, theft, burglary and traffic offences, all committed during a cross-border crime spree with his friend.

ennedy received the sentence in April last year at a Cobram court, but he appealed it and spent more than 12 months on appeal bail as the case went through the courts.

While on bail, he continued to hunt with his dogs. During an appeal hearing at the Victorian County Court on June 9, prosecutor Timothy Hoare said that the week before Kennedy had been caught breaking through a fence in regional NSW, in an attempt to hunt with his dogs at Mount Hope.

“When police subsequently searched the trailer and vehicle, they were in possession of hunting dogs, dog-tracking collars, spotlights and hunting knives. It was a condition of his bail that he not hunt.

“It’s of great concern that this has happened in the past week, considering the matters he is here for today.”

County Court Judge Richard Smith said, given the reoffending, rather than overturn Kennedy’s sentence he would probably increase it.

The appeal was abandoned and Kennedy is now serving his original six-month sentence.

Hunting wild animals is a popular sport among many country Victorians, but Detective Senior Constable Williams, who enjoys hunting himself, said he was particularly disturbed by Kennedy’s thirst for violence.

One of Kennedy’s tactics was to injure the animal first so that it had little chance of escaping from his dogs.

“There’s nothing like what he’s done,” he said. “Deer don’t walk like that when they’re being chased.”

During hunting trips with his friends, Kennedy would film the attacks and share the videos on Snapchat. He would also post photos of the kill on Facebook.

Police also charged five of Kennedy’s friends with hunting and animal cruelty offences.

Another friend, a 21-year-old from Numurkah, was convicted and fined $4200 for hunting and animal cruelty offences, including the incident where dogs were set on a sambar deer.

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