A gun owner in Queensland has been charged with failing to securely store his firearm.

Snap Shots: Gun Owner Robbed Then Charged

Gun owner robbed – then charged

From Queensland comes a timely warning for us all to make sure our firearm storage arrangements are up to scratch. The Gympie Times reports that after a Gympie man had his gun safe stolen from his house, police found that his attempts at securing it to the floor were inadequate and charged him with failing to securely store a firearm.

Farmers taught to suck eggs?

The Armidale Express reports that Landcare officers in New South Wales are holding a series of field days to teach farmers how to recognised the tracks and droppings of feral pigs, dogs, foxes and cats.  Call me cynical, but I would have thought it should be the other way around.

Gun misuse not explained by gun availability

It’s not too often commonsense and rational discussion breaks out in the media when it comes to guns – so when it does we like to highlight it. Check out this piece from The Conversation in which Samara McPhedron pours cold water on the proposition that the increased availability of guns in rural Australia is the cause of recent firearms homicides in country towns. In fact, she says, firearm offences occur more commonly in metropolitan areas.

Feral horses tracked

In an interesting piece from the ABC we learn how scientists are fitting feral horses in the Pilbara region of Western Australia with telemetric collars in order to study their movement patterns,  The information will be used to better manage feral horses, but the article doesn;t actually broach the sticky subject of how that might be achieved.

Inaugural Game and Pest Board

In New South Wales the Minister of Primary Industries has announced the members of the inaugural Game and Pest Board, which will represent the interests of licensed hunters in providing advice to the Minister about game and pest management in that state, You can see who made it onto he board HERE.





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