Anti-hunters protesters have beaten a hunt master unconscious in England.

Snap Shots: Hunt master beaten unconscious by anti-hunters

Hunt master beaten unconscious

In yet another example of extraordinary hypocrisy and irratonal behaviour from anti-hunters comes a report from the Daily Mail that the huntmaster of a fox hunt in Wiltshire, England, has been bashed unconscious by masked protesters wielding iron bars. Apparently it is not OK to hunt foxes but it is fine to bash unarmed middle-aged men. Go figure.

Diggers endangered by gun laws

Next we have a thought-provoking piece from The Strategist about how our armed forces are being hamstrung in their attempts to practice their shooting by Australia’s gun laws. In essence, getting access to the types of firearms they need to use in the field is difficult, if not impossible, when they are off duty. When your job is to put your life on the line confronting an enemy with unfettered access to weapons of many kinds, you’d think that’d be enough to qualify for a Category D licence.  Apparently not.

No kids at gun shows?

From the USA comes this report on of a proposal to ban kids under 12 years of age from attending gun shows anywhere in the state of New York, in an attempt to reduce gun violence. The implication is that going to gun shows as a kid makes you violent. When I told my 9 year old about this he described the people suggesting it as “nuffies”.  Say no more.

St Mary’s Junior Development Program

In a much more sensible approach, the Daily Telegraph reports that the good folk at St Mary’s Indoor Shooting Centre have been running a junior development program in which 12-17 year old are educated and trained in the safe use of firearms.  Well done, those people!

US Cops help a kid hunt

Staying with the kids and guns theme comes this heart-warming piece from the Outdoor Hub about a couple of US police officers who took it upon themsleves to take a 9 year old boy on his very first hunting trip. It was a gesture in stark contrast with the proposal from New York, above.




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