What are anti-hunters really asking for when they ask for trophy hunting to be banned?

Snap shots: Some sense on Cecil

Cecil’s legacy: It’s not about you, it’s about Africa

I’m sure we’ve all pretty much had a gutsful of the recent hysteria surrounding lion hunting, but here’s one of the best articles I’ve seen on the subject, Published on Huntinglife.com, it takes a closer look at what the antis are really asking for when they ask for hunting to be banned.

PETA says dentist should be hanged

In a related article published on the Outdoor Hub, PETA have shown yet again that their moral compass is well and truly broken by callng for the Minnesota dentist that shot Cecil to be hanged. It’s a ridiculous response that surely shows how deranged these activists are.

More airlines ban hunting trophies

From The Age comes this report that Delta, American and United Airlines have reacted to uninformed media condemnation of hunting by banning the carriage of some hunting trophies. Back home in Australia, Virgin Australia have done the same.

Gun ownership on the rise

There were a couple of articles published this week detailing the increase in rates of gun ownership in Australia, one in the Sydney Morning Herald and one in the Maitland Mercury.  Both were horribly biased and designed to cause concern and fear amongst the general public – but on the positive side it also highlights the growing popularity of the shooting sports.

Deer in the news

From the ABC comes this report about the burgeoning population of wild deer in NSW and Victoria, including the inevitable calls for them to be declared pests. You already know my opinion on this: that all reasonable management options are already available to landowners and that declaring them pests would achieve nothing except leaving them vulnerable to being poisoned. Meanwhile this article in the Illawarra Mercury reveals that the Wollongong Council has spent $320,000 to remove just 1400 deer.  It’s not surprising the program was so ineffective when one of the councillors apparently thinks that population growth depends on how much sex the deer are having.






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