Australia's own Christie Pisani is vying to become the best female hunter in the world (image: News Limited).

Snap Shots: Vote For Our Extreme Huntress!

Vote For Our Christie!

First up we have an in-depth news story from the Daily Telegraph about a good Aussie girl making it big in the international hunting scene. Thirty year old paramedic and personal trainer, Christie Pisani, has been bowhunting since she was 20.  Now she has travelled to the USA to compete in the reality TV show Extreme Huntress.  Christie hails from New South Wales and lives and hunts in Queensland so if you’d like to vote for her you can do so HERE.

More Shoebridge Wisdom

Next we have an opinion piece in the Bega District News from Greens MP David Shoebridge, who alerts us to the fact that recreational hunting of feral and introduced animal species in Australia has been “hopelessly ineffective” as a control measure.  The trouble is, he has used selected, out-dated and partial statistics to present his case, souped up, of course, by an anti-hunting state of mind that will never be changed by facts anyway.  It appears Shoebridge’s solution is to let the feral populations breed up until they run out of food. If you want a laugh, have a read.

Bizarre War Story

Everyone loves a good war story and you won’t find too many better than this one about a British soldier in World War II who killed Nazis with a sword and a long bow, just to see if he could. They called him ‘Mad Jack’, and it appears that a good part of his strategy was to convince the enemy that he was just plain crazy. Hmmm…somehow I don’t think it was too much of an act.

Suppressors For Hunting

There’s been a bit of debate about the use of suppressors lately. They’re legal in New Zealand, Europe and most states of America, but not in Australia.  I’m not sure why?  Maybe because there would be a spate of assassin-style murders and no one would hear the shots…just like in the movies.  This article from Realtree separates fact from fiction and provides some sound reasons why they should be allowed for hunting.

Bergara Barrels

Just in from Guns Australia editor John Robinson comes news that he has just tested a rifle that was fitted with a Bergara barrel. These barrels are made in Spain and Herrons are the agents in Australia. Technically minded readers should enjoy these videos of the very impressive Bergara operation. And watch out for the story in Guns Australia.




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