A Colt navy revolver meticulously handcrafted by Robert A Talbot. It's a perfect working replica with even the barrel rifled for authenticity.

Snap Shots: Wooden works of art

Wooden gun works of art for sale, new Australian 1000-yard record, SFP in Walgett this weekend, Joyce has a crack at animal activists, Fox Task Force a massive waste of money.


Wooden gun works of art for sale

Some of the works of 89-year-old master craftsman Robert A Talbot are up for sale on the Trading Post for a cool $40,000. The working wooden replicas of famous old guns represent thousands of hours of meticulous work by the former air force electrician who has a passion for wood and getting things just right. Adelaide’s Today Tonight program featured Mr Talbot and the guns that have become popular worldwide. The 60 guns he’s made are exact working replicas with even the barrels rifled for authenticity. The six guns for sale include a cased pair of 1860 Colts with detachable butt stocks, a 475Colt pocket pistol with extra short barrel and an 1860 Colt army revolver. 


New Australian 1000-yard record

Queensland’s Peter Varley has set a new Southern Hemisphere record with a 2.010-inch five-shot group over 1000 yards at Canberra Rifle Range on March 9. Peter remarkably shot the record with a borrowed gun after he left his rifle case keys in his motel room. “I resigned myself to target butts duty or a lazy day. A friend, John McQuire from Mackay said, ‘Get my 6.5 x 47 out, clean up, and you’re in the first detail (relay)’. So it was a borrowed gun for the shoot. Conditions were very good – winds were very light with no mirage to speak of. Everything fell into place.” He gun he borrowed was a Lawton 7500 action with Jewell trigger,  PacNor barrel chambered for 6.5×47 Lapua, home-made custom stock and March 10-60x scope, with a 6.5x47L load Lapua 123gr Scenars, with CCI 450 primers and Varget (ADI 2208) powder.


SFP in Walgett this weekend

Shooters and Fishers Party MLC Robert Brown will be in Walgett this weekend (May 10-11). On Saturday May 10th, Mr Brown will be at Walgett Hunt, Camp, Fish store before making his way to the Walgett Showgrounds for the local show. Be sure to stop by the SFP stand to pick up the new bumper stickers (and grab a membership form while you’re there!) If there are any AHN members in Walgett who may be able to volunteer at the stall for a few hours on either day, please get in touch with Carl Smith at csmith@sfp.org.au.


Where are the activists now?

Federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce has had a crack at animal rights activists following the release of a report on the damage done by wild dogs. In a report featured in Queensland Country Life, Mr Joyce says he has a “sense of cynicism” about protestations from animal rights groups over animal cruelty, due to their seeming lack of concern over the “brutalisation” of livestock by wild dogs. “The fact that wild dogs are running around eating the kidneys out of sheep and leaving them alive until they die of another disease, doesn’t seem to concern them (animal rights groups),” Minister Joyce told Fairfax Agricultural Media. “Never once have I seen them say, ‘we’ll come out into the paddock with you and we’ll start treating some sheep’.” The report, An integrated assessment of the impact of wild dogs in Australia, by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) confirms wild dogs are a major issue for farmers with economic, social and environmental costs estimated in the millions.


The state that cried “Fox!”

Millions of dollars have been spent in Tasmania on a wild fox chase. According to the ABC, an independent scientific review says it’s found no credible evidence for foxes living and breeding in Tasmania, even though there’s been a decade-long multi-million dollar program to eradicate them. The international team of seven scientists is led by the man who helped start the eradication program, Dr Clive Marks. “Here is an example where you can propose that something exists when it doesn’t,” Dr Marks said, “and if you follow that narrative with a suitable amount of media and spin doctoring you can get a good proportion of people believing it.” The report quoted one Tasmanian hunter as saying, “I mean, there are no foxes in the state. There’s a lot of hunters in the state and they don’t see them. So the people you must be talking about must be the Fox Task Force. They’re the ones who see foxes, nobody else.”




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