Stop Hunting and Spend 240 Million on Deer Control – The Greens Victoria

Ellen Sandell Victorian Greens MP shared the Greens “Stop Invasives” plan this week. The plan and I use the word plan very loosely looks more like something a primary student has put together rather than a political party.

The Green’s are looking to remove or dramatically reduce the only successful control mechanism currently in place – Recreational hunting.

Victorian residents were quick to pick all the holes in the plan that has no planning. The “plan” looks to spend 240 Million to produce a plan to control deer by methods yet to be determined that are non-lethal and humane.

Like all Green policy, this one has more holes than Swiss cheese.

Hunters killed more than 100,000 deer in Victoria in 2017. In most cases, the meat gets utilised, and the local communities benefit economically.

“Plan” Summary

To protect and restore Victoria’s environment and farms

Key Facts

  • Our natural environment and farmland are under threat from invasive species, like feral deer, goats, cats, rabbits, pigs and many others.
  • Invasive species destroy habitat, pollute our water and kill precious native plants and animals.
  • More than 1 million deer run rampant across Victoria, destroying iconic national parks from the Grampians to Wilsons Promontory, yet archaic laws treat deer as a protected game species.
  • Lack of coordinated and properly funded invasive species management threatens our environment and our farms.

The Greens ‘Plan’

  • Commit $240 million over four years to the management of invasive species in Victoria
  • Create a new Invasive Species Management Authority: a single Government body to drive invasive species management across Victoria
  • Develop detailed, statewide plans for managing the most threatening invasivespecies, including $40 million to manage feral deer
  • Change the status of deer to a pest animal and ensure management is professional and effective
  • End the use of recreational hunting as a key way to deal with invasive species management – it’s shown to be ineffective, and in some cases actually encourages the spread of invasive species
  • Help farmers and gardeners limit the spread of damaging weedy plants with $32 million to stop weedy pests entering Victoria
  • Monitoring and management of new invasive species, to stop them taking a hold in our environment and on our farms
  • $40 million to support research into new techniques and controls for invasive species management. There is currently very, very little research being done, and we desperately need new ways to control invasive species that are effective and humane.

Tackle feral deer

Feral deer are out of control across Victoria. They’re polluting our water and destroying our fragile ecosystems. Successive governments have been missing in action when it comes to monitoring and managing the threat from feral deer.

Instead, they have continued to protect deer as a game species, evenallowing recreational shooters into the Alpine National Park. This needs to change.

The Invasive Species Management Authority will develop a comprehensive, statewide plan to manage the deer crisis. It will deliver profession, human and effective management, to protect nature and our farms.

The new authority will also manage the threats posed by feral goats, pigs, horses, cats, rabbits – all invasive species that cause enormous destruction in our fragile environment.

End the influence of the Shooters and Fishers Party

Labor has given in to the Shooters and Fishers Party and allowed recreational hunters into the Alpine National Park, and encouraged hunting across Victoria.

But unfortunately the science is clear: recreational hunters are not effective at controlling invasive specie. In many cases, hunters actively spread of invasive animals to new areas and keep populations alive so they have something to shoot for fun.

Recreational hunters also pose a threat to the safety and security of people who want to visit our national parks, and can pose unacceptable animal cruelty risks.

In order to control invasive species we need professional programs that maintain humane and scientific standards.

The Invasive Species Management Authority will assume all pest control responsibilities, and will work with professional invasive species managers to make sure all control is done in a humane and scientifically effective way.

More science and research (More Spending)

There is currently very, very little research being done in Victoria into new methods of controlling invasive species – especially non-lethal and humane methods. Our plan will commit an initial $40 million to get this research started.

The new Invasive Species Management Authority will work with the scientific community to map the full range of invasive species threats, and how to stop them. This will ensure we have the evidence we need to effectively and humanely protect our state from invasive species.




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