Volunteers are needed in November to join a new search for the remains of missing hunter David Prideaux.

Volunteers enlist to find missing hunter

More than a year after Victorian hunter David Prideaux disappeared, hunting organisations are preparing to conduct another search for his remains.

Prideaux, who was the general manager of Barwon Prison, had set out on a morning hunt in June last year when he vanished without trace in rugged terrain near Mansfield.

A massive search began soon afterwards, but rescuers found nothing as freezing conditions and snowfalls set in. A week later, with the search being scaled back, there was little hope of finding him alive.

However, even when conditions cleared after winter, a new search also failed to find any clues about what happened to the 50-year-old.

Prideaux was experienced and had been equipped for the conditions, making his disappearance more baffling and leading to speculation that something sinister had happened. However, police quickly ruled this out.

Now organisations including Field and Game Australia are recruiting volunteers to try again to find Prideaux’s body.

“Field and Game members with experience in the deer hunting areas of Victoria’s High Country are being asked to assist with a very important search,” FGA CEO Rod Drew said.

“We are taking expressions of interest from hunters, stalkers and houndsmen who have the skills and the time to be a part of this large, co-ordinated search.

“All support is very welcome, whether you are prepared to be a part of the search or you’re able to provide sausages, drinks or maps – anything to aid those in the field.

“The Prideaux family are desperately keen to find David’s remains and lay him to rest.”

The search will be undertaking in November, but the exact date is yet to be determined.

To sign up with the FGA effort, provide your details here.




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