Where do they dig up these idiots?

Where do they dig up these idiots?

 Don’t you love it when theseGreen-inspired policy maker wannabes advocate that all city-basedshooters lock up their guns in a bureaucratised central armoury. Thenthe crims can score big time by just robbing the “safe”government-run facility. What staggering stupidity we are breeding incommunity-based media, it appears.

 Read this mind-numbing blurb and fightthe urge to recommend this bloke be charged with wasting web spaceand paper. This Greg Thomson has John Crook’s hand up his back, for sure.

Marcus O’Dean



Gun thefts trigger some concerns


 By Greg Thomson, Community NewspaperGroup editor-in-chief


 A RECENT jump in the theft of licensedfirearms in our State has police worried that criminal gangs may bebehind this unusual form of theft-to-order.

 From January 2010 to July this year,458 firearms were stolen in WA with a further 20 in recent weeks,including shotguns and large-calibre rifles.

 While about 100 of these weapons havebeen recovered in the past year or so, police are disturbed that manywere jemmied from gun safes, so-called storage boxes that were mademandatory for licensed gun owners.

 The tightening of the gun laws followedthe Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania in which 35 people lost theirlives, half of whom lay dead following an initial 90-second rampageby one lone, sick gunman.

 Then PM John Howard accepted thatsociety’s general view was that we ought to have fewer guns incirculation.

 Yes, there will always be a legitimateneed for firearms, particularly for those who work in our primaryindustries or folk who require weapons for protection, but most of usliving in suburbia have no need for them.

 Gun-related deaths in Australia are lowrelative to our population, but suicide accounts for 70 per cent ofsuch deaths, with experts pointing to the high “completion” rateas a factor why individuals seek out firearms with which to taketheir own lives.

 It makes sense therefore that we limittheir availability as much as we can. In a city such as Perth youhave to wonder why individuals would want to store firearms at homeif they are used infrequently, or at all.

 The creation of mandatory safe,centralised storage depots, similar to facilities operated by gunshops and sporting shooting clubs, would help add a further layer ofsecurity to Australia’s commonsense approach to firearm ownershipand keep guns out of the wrong hands, be they criminal or otherwise.




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