Sporting Shooter Crew

Wild Deer and Hunting Expo

Sporting Shooter Crew

Reporter Marcus O’Dean

The Sporting Shooter and Bacon Busters Crew turned out on Stand 128 at the Wild Deer and Hunting Expo at Bendigo last weekend, Feb 1 and 2, in searing-hot conditions to meet up with our readers and advertisers and familiarise our readers with our great website.

Attending crew members included yours truly, Nick Harvey, who tirelessly walked, stood and talked for two solid days in the beastly conditions – 43 degrees C indoors and nudging 50 outside. Nick pressed the flesh, talked and joked with hundreds of loyal readers and stallholders and then he had the spark left to wake us all up in the motel, bright and early every morning. Other team members included Clint Magro, Bacon Busters editor, Tony Pizzata, our National Marketing Manager and the redoubtable Alex Juris. Up from Yaffa’s Melbourne Office to keep us all on track was Nadia Moulden, a real trouper who made sure our stand was presented beautifully.

Appearing below is a small gallery showing some of the big names who had stands at the show. I spoke with Pete Costin, the hardworking organiser of all four biennial Wild Deer expos to date about attendance. He was happy to report that just shy of 13,000 hunters, shooters and their families braved queuing outside to catch up with the latest developments in their sport and lifestyle choice. Pete and Daniel Burke, thanks for all your efforts under challenging conditions this year and thankyou for your excellent entry into the hunting publishing arena with Wild Deer magazine.

We look forward to 2016’s Wild Deer and Hunting Expo and catching up with all our friends and readers again. By stallholder numbers and public attendance figures, it is certainly the biggest of its type in Australia, if not the Southern Hemisphere.

I must admit that every show I go to like this is an invigorating experience, with like-minded people getting together to maintain the solidarity in the hunting and shooting community.







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