Blaser B2 rifle scope review

Review: Blaser B2 2.5-15x56iC rifle scope

Blaser riflescopes offer clarity, precision and versatility. The B2 range includes the 1-6×24, 2-12×50 and 2.5-15×56. All are of 30mm tube construction, offer 6x zoom range, have reticles in the second focal plane and feature an illuminated centre-dot reticle. You can buy them with a rail mount that attaches to Blaser’s unique saddle mount, or with a straight body for attachment of standard scope rings and bases for other firearms.

I’ve used a Blaser rifle since they first became available here in Australia around 2003 and currently use an R8 Professional in 7mm Rem Mag. In 2017 Blaser started producing binoculars and later entered the rifle-scope market to complement its fine firearms.

My choice for the review was a B2 2.5-15x56iC with rail to attach to my Blaser R8. 

The B2 series offers the versatility of standard turrets or a Quick Distance Calculator (QDC+) turret upgrade that includes 10 individual rings to choose from. The test scope came with the QDC+ upgrade.

Setting up the scope was simple thanks to the rail mount and after sighting-in the rifle at 100 metres, the next step was to work out which individual ring would suit the ammunition I was using. These rings are designed for a wide range of hunting ammunition and will allow you to adjust the turrets for distances of up to 500 metres.

To pick the appropriate ring, Blaser supplies an app that requires details about the ammunition you’re using, including muzzle velocity, ballistic coefficient and so on. From there, the app calculates which ring best suites your ammo. Additionally, the kit includes a blank ring, allowing you to mark it to your own requirements.

The illumination control knob for the standard 4a reticle is located on the right side of the scope where the windage control knob would normally be on most scopes, and the windage control is located on the left. It’s another of Blaser’s unique variations from the norm, but I’d imagine this was done to allow quick, right-handed access to manual illumination control while aiming. It has another practical advantage: it ensures the bigger turret doesn’t block the view from your left eye for both-eyes-open shooting.

Blaser B2 rifle scope review
Elevation adjustment in top turret prior to fitting the ring that best suits your ammunition

You manually activate the illumination by pulling the turret top out, and turn it off by pushing it back in. Turning the turret varies the brightness.

The B2 also has automatic illumination. If you already own a Blaser R8 or K95 firearm, you can have the illumination come on when the rifle is cocked, using the iC cocking lever. If you fit the B2 riflescope to any other rifle, another option for automatic illumination is Blaser’s flip-up ocular and objective covers. A magnet in the ocular cover switches the red dot on when open and turns it off when the cover is closed.

The 2.5-15x56iC is the only model to provide parallax adjustment, which is on the right-hand turret, adjusting clarity from 50m out to 500m.

The B2 line has also been designed to allow clip-on devices for night shooters.

Blaser B2 rifle scope review
The main ring’s graduations refer to target distances rather than reticle movement. Note the right-side mounting of the parallax and illumination adjustments

I found the 2.5-15x56mm offered exceptional clarity from dawn to dusk with a very sharp, bright image via its special fluorite lenses and Blaser’s Smart Lens Protection (SLP) coatings to the outside surfaces. Claimed light transmission is very high at 94 percent in the day and 92 percent at night. Like all good scopes they are nitrogen purged, and the seals make them waterproof to a depth of four metres.

All round, I find Blaser offers exceptional quality and performance in both its firearms and optics. Like the firearms, Blaser B2 rifle scopes come with a hefty price tag, but you get what you pay for and that’s quality and reliability.  

Blaser B2 rifle scope review
The Blaser app is a good companion for the B2 scope, especially when getting set up


  • Manufacturer: Blaser Group (Minox), Germany
  • Reticle: 4A duplex, illuminated, second focal plane
  • Magnification: 2.5-15x
  • Objective lens: 56mm
  • Main tube diam: 30mm
  • Length: 327mm
  • Weight: 800g
  • Adjustment increments: 1cm @ 100m
  • Adjustment range: 125cm (elevation), 60cm (windage) @ 100m; 80cm elevation with QDC+
  • Parallax adjustment: 50-500m
  • Field of view: 2.6-16m at 100m
  • Eye relief: 90mm
  • Exit pupil: 3.7-9.8mm
  • Price: Typically advertised around $3500-$4000
  • Distributor: OSA Australia
Blaser B2 rifle scope review
Blaser’s B2 riflescope fitted to an R8 using the saddle mount. Note the box of alternative QDC+ turret rings in the foreground




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