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Review: NanoGuard Extreme Life CLP-X Australian-made gun protectant

NanoGuard Extreme Life CLP-X is an Australian-made gun lubricant and protector that is highly effective, and its revolutionary properties took about a minute to get grab my attention when I realised what it could do. 

There’s a story behind my discovery of CLP-X involving a meticulously accurised Sportco Martini with a beautiful Parker Hale 7C aperture sight; the elevation knob became seized tight with rust and I was almost inconsolable when my efforts to fix it damaged the threads. 

I gave away that rifle and, later, found a Sportco Martini Clubmaster at Wyong gunshop Lock N Load that I had to have. It came complete with its original Parker Hale 7C aperture sight but, on inspection, my heart sank because it was seized tight. 

“No worries,” said shop-owner Alan, who took it to his workbench and sprayed it with something. After my previous experience, I had no faith in his ability to fix it.  

About a minute Alan, a grin from ear to ear, said, “It’s running beautifully now.” It was running up and down the scale like a new one.

I was amazed and asked what he’d used. It was NanoGuard Extreme Life CLP-X. 

Any cleaner, lubricant and protectant (CLP) should prevent corrosion and reduce wear, and NanoGuard claims to act as an anti-seize, reduce heat, provide ultra-low friction and heavy-duty penetration, clean away carbon and leave a nano-sized protective barrier on surfaces. 

I live 400m from the ocean. Experience tells me that commercial entities are widely known for promoting products, particularly in gun maintenance, beyond the ordinary, and I have found such claims to sometimes be short of the mark. 

NanoGuard and the old Parker Hale aperture sight it restored to perfect function

However, in my use of CLP-X over eight months, function has been excellent on all rifles on which I have applied it. Slickness has improved, barrel fouling is definitely reduced and the red devil — rust — has not appeared on any firearm. 

CLP-X is a brown colour and a little more viscous that other CLPs I have used. Older rifles which are wiped over with a rag and a small amount of NanoGuard emerge from the safe like they were put away only yesterday — they seem to have gained some glossiness, if that is possible. 

I have been running a NanoGuard-soaked patch up the bore on completion of my normal cleaning regime and have noted, when handload testing, my velocity extreme spreads have reduced noticeably, particularly with low-velocity cast bullets.

NanoGuard uses a unique, new, globally patented spherical tungsten nanotechnology capable of withstanding 100,000psi. The nanoparticles penetrate metal surfaces, producing a protective nano-barrier that is ultra-low friction and durable. It significantly reduces corrosion and heat, and extends a gun’s life.

I had a lengthy conversation with Simon Butler, the chief developer of NanoGuard, and could gauge he was genuine when asserting that many CLP-X users have reported staggeringly good results. 

Uses include everything from small arms, through military weapons applications to high-round-count competitive pistol shooters, and even automotive applications. 

Simon and I are both ex-Army and know the conditions which small arms, crew-served weapons and artillery endure. Simon reports that military end-users experienced greatly reduced — or totally eliminated — stoppages and greatly improved smoothness of cycling over their conventional CLPs.

Another big plus is that my 240mL can of NanoGuard cost me $20 at Lock N Load. In these days of gun-related shortages and stratospheric prices, this came as a really pleasant surprise.

I have no doubts that this Australian-made and owned technology is a significant advance in rifle maintenance to preserve and enhance the performance of any class of small arm.

To top it off, NanoGuard will soon release more specifically aimed products, using the same nanotechnology.

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