.220 Wilson Arrow dimension drawings

Problem Finding a Reamer

Chamber reamers in .220 Swift
Chamber reamers in .220 Swift

Q: I hope you can help me? I want to have built a .220 Wilson Arrow, but have finding it difficult to find a gunsmith with a reamer. I know you have a .220 Wilson Arrow and I am an avid shooter of a .220 Swift but would like very much to get a Wilson Arrow built. Would it be possible to get some load data for 40- 50gn projectiles and powder type for the Wilson Arrow.

Ken Pearce

.220 Wilson Arrow dimension drawings
.220 Wilson Arrow dimension drawings

A: Clem Stevenson who is located near Bathurst, NSW may have a reamer for the .220 Wilson Arrow and dies are available from Simplex. The Arrow is no more than the Swift case fireformed to increase the shoulder angle to 30 degrees. You could have your standard Swift rechambered for it. Case capacity remains unchanged so loading data for the standard .220 Swift is used. The steeper shoulder slows down cases lengthening – a bad feature of the standard Swift. If you decide to build a rifle for the Wilson Arrow, I suggest a barrel with 1:12″ twist instead of the standard 1:14″ twist which is what my rifle has. My favourite load uses the Hornady 60gn SST and 41gn of AR2209 for close to 3600fps. That load is deadly medicine for goats and pigs. If you want a barrel fitted and chambered or your present .220 Swift rechambered, ring Clem on 02-63 375 374.




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