Remington 710

Secondhand Remington Model 710

Q: I have been offered a secondhand Remington Model 710 rifle fitted with a Bushnell 3-9x scope in .270 Winchester calibre for $400. The owner bought it new in 2002 and says he has only fired two boxes of factory ammo through it. It is unmarked and like new. I’ve never heard of this rifle and my local gunshop is not familiar with the model. In fact, they told me to ask you about it. What can you tell me about the Remington Model 710?

–Trevor Johnson

A: The Remington Model 710 was the company’s first attempt to market an economy model rifle and it appeared in .270 and .30-06 late in 2000.

It has a tubular receiver with a narrow ejection port and a slot for the magazine milled into the bottom, and some rather unusual features, including an insert of moulded nylon-reinforced fibreglass within which the three-lug bolt travels.

It also had a 22″ button-rifled barrel which, instead of being threaded, was pressed into the receiver and pinned in place.

It has the recoil lug imbedded in the stock and engaging a slot machined in the bottom of the barrel.

Locktime is very fast at three millisceonds.

The 710 also inherited the Model 700’s famous “three rings of steel” breech design which is very strong and safe.

The gun has a grey synthetic stock with integral trigger guard.

From memory, the 710 I reviewed fired three shots into under one inch.

For $400, you can’t go wrong, it’s a snap.




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