Alliant Reloder 26 and the .270 Winchester cartridge

Using Alliant Reloder 26 in the .270 Winchester

Q: What can you tell me about Alliant Reloder 26 powder? I hope to obtain several canisters for use in a Winchester Model 70 Super Grade with 24-inch barrel. 

Can you suggest a good, effective load and tell me what kind of velocity I can expect to get with the Nosler 150gn AccuBond Long Range bullet? The best way to sight it in and the trajectory? Can you list remaining velocity and energy over 500yd?

Keith Pollard

A: I have never used Re-26 in the standard .270 Win, but it falls between Re-25 and Re-33 in burning rate. The Alliant Reloader’s Guide lists a charge of 60.8 grains behind the Nosler 150gn Partition for 3022fps from a 24” barrel. Minimum overall cartridge length is listed as 3.23”.

And that, with a .270 bullet that has the same sectional density as a .30-calibre bullet weighing 200 grains, is really something. 

The ballistics are a big improvement over the average 150gn .270 factory load with 2830fps.

The AccuBond Long Range has the high ballistic coefficient of .625 and should shoot flatter than the 150gn Partition over the long haul.

Starting out at 3022fps and sighted in 2.86” high at 100yd, the 150gn ABLR is 3” high at 200, zeroes at 275yd, drops 1.6” at 300, 11.5” at 400 and 27” at 500. I’d call that a flat trajectory and then some.

Remaining velocities are: 2869fps at 100yd, 2721 at 200, 2577 at 300, 2438 at 400, 2303 at 500. 

Corresponding energy figures: 3043ft-lb at the muzzle, 2742ft-lb at 100yd, 2465 at 200, 2212 at 300, 1980 at 400, 1767 at 500. 

So, as you can see, the 150gn ABLR has plenty of deer-killing energy at 500 yards and beyond.




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