ARB Touring Sleeping Bag

ARB’s Touring Sleeping Bag for Hunters

After extensive research and development, ARB has designed a sleeping bag with features that set it apart from the competition. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use during the colder seasons, the ARB sleeping bag is the perfect companion for the adventurous soul.
The ARB sleeping bag – now available in stores – was designed with warmth, comfort and durability in mind. Manufactured with anti-bacterial and fire-retardant
treatments, the ARB sleeping bag is also machine washable. Weighing as little as 2.9kg, the sleeping bag is compact, lightweight and will even retain its ability to insulate when damp or wet. Perfect for adult 4WDers of all shapes and sizes, the sleeping bag boasts the luxurious size of a king single (200cm x 100cm x 100cm) offering plenty of room to move, keeping you warm and rested-up during your adventure.
Manufactured from the highest quality materials, ARB has ensured their sleeping bag will be your best friend on a cold and dreary night. To ensure its comfort  rating of -5°C, the sleeping bag is filled with high quality invista Dupont Thermolite® Quallo 7 hole fill. Holding all of this together is a 100% cotton brushed flannelette inner lining, treated with Sanitized® anti-bacterial treatment for maximum hygiene protection and longevity. The nylon outer shell not only displays a sleek black and stone design with ARB topographic print, but also has fire-retardant treatment to CPAI-75 standards for added protection.
Made with genuine YKK® zippers, a single continuous main zipper with added Velcro closure ensures you keep snuggly-warm during the night. The unique design of the ARB sleeping bag makes joining two to make a double, simple and easy. There’s no need for a left and right hand model as fully unzipping two bags and laying one on top of the other means that the joining zipper runs around the outer edge, not up the middle between the occupants. This allows each occupant to exit the sleeping bag via a side zipper, so that the other occupant can stay snug and warm. When the second sleeping bag is placed on top, the hood/pillow can be easily removed from the top bag and zipped to the bottom bag to complete your tailor-made sleeping setup.
Providing ultimate head support and comfort, the semi-circular hooded section includes a pocket to insert a standard sized pillow and can also be removed for convenience. Designed for maximum security, two handy stash pockets are provided to keep your valuable items close and safe but also so they don’t get lost in the bottom of your bedding. Perfect for personal items such as mobile phones, wallets or even a small torch, there is one on either side of the main zipper.
The generously-sized rectangular stuff sack allows room for the sleeping bag to be folded before being placed in the sack, as opposed to ‘stuffing’ which is often very difficult with traditional stuff sacks. A draw cord and compression straps allow the stuff sack to be compressed to a much smaller size. And finally, when fully packed, the entire shebang takes the shape of a rectangle, so it can be easily stored between the fridge and the fishing tackle box, ready for your next adventure.

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