Bushnell Broadhead laser rangefinder

Bushnell Broadhead laser rangefinder

The all-new Bushnell Broadhead archery rangefinder brings an industry-leading level of precision to the archery world.

Working with world record holding archer Tim Gillingham, Bushnell created the Broadhead to solve the shortcomings of current rangefinders on the market.

The result is the Broadhead’s Full Spectrum Ranging System that uses top-tier hardware and software to range targets with varying reflectivity and lighting environments consistently and accurately where other rangefinders fall short.

That means a black boar, white reflective target or any other target will register the same distance with the Broadhead at 8am as 8pm.

If a target is changed from paper to black foam, the Broadhead will give you the same distance when others won’t, and it’ll do it to plus or minus 0.3 yards out to 150 yards.

The Broadhead doesn’t stop at unmatched precision. Bushnell’s exclusive ActivSync reticle automatically changes from black to illuminated red when the lighting conditions change so you don’t have to make a choice between the two reticles – you can have them both.

The Broadhead also has two-times brighter imaging so you can see the target when others can’t. The all-glass optical system features Ultrawide Band Coating to help with proper colour identification across the spectrum from UV to visible so you can quickly and accurately identify the target.

To top it off, the glass is coated with an EXO Barrier coating, so if it’s raining or dusty you’ll be able to see the target.

This feature-packed archery rangefinder makes the Broadhead the ideal choice for the field or competition.

For further details ask at your local gun shop or visit the NIOA website.




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