Conservation Hunter Fox Whistle

Call Those Foxes In

By Tony Pizzata
Steve Larsson does a lot of behind-the-scenes work for the Shooters & Fishers Party and that’s precisely how we met. While at a recent visit here at Sporting Shooter I also took the time to quiz him on his range of fox whistles, one of which he’d sent me some time ago to try. Being a keen fox shooter he has been producing his own fox whistles for some years now with excellent results. The amazing thing about Steve’s whistles is the fact that they all sound the same, with exactly the same pitch to each.
The secret I’m told is in the size, placement and uniformity of the holes and in addition, how the metal is bent to a precise angle. Steve tells me his fabricating jigs allow adjustment of the relevant position of both the top and bottom hole. With the holes set at a predetermined (tested) position, this ensures that all his whistles are identical. He can of course adjust the jig to produce a different amount of hole “offset” and therefore, a different sound, but tests when out fox whistling prove that this set-up works fine.
There’s no doubt that these whistles with that realistic, raspy sound of a rabbit in distress work, as I have successfully called in dozens of foxes with it to date. Couple the consistency of fabrication with a superior finish and this whistle is a great addition to your fox whistling kit. The other thing I like about it is the fact that the bottom metal plate is a bit longer than the top, so there’s plenty of room to hold it in your fingers and also, you know exactly which way up to hold it.
The Conservation Hunter-Fox Whistle comes packaged in a plastic blister pack, complete with instructions, shot placement and an introduction to the Aussie Fox.
To purchase one ask at your local gun shop.
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