Scientists are calling for a trial to examine the role that arid land dingoes could play in controlling feral cats and foxes (image: Martin Auldist).

Snap Shots: Dingoes in, foxes out

Dingoes in, cats and foxes out

In an interestng story reported by the ABC, scientists are calling for dingoes to be let back in to Sturt National Park in north-west New South Wales, so they can study the role that these arid range canines might play in controlling feral cats and foxes.  Seems like a pretty good idea to me?

Vic fox bounty collection schedule on-line

Those fox hunters who have been busy collecting scalps over summer can now get ready to cash them in. The 2015 scalp collection schedule can be found on the DEPI website.

Andrews Govt keeps Hird Swamp dry for duck season

The Andrews Government recently worked itself into a frenzy of self-congratulation over delivering water to Toolondo Reservoir to keep the trout anglers happy.  It seems they’re not sharing the love with hunters.  According to the Weekly Times, promised environmental flows have not been delivered and the 344 hectare Hirds Swamp game reserve near Kerang will now be dry for duck season.

A Namibian on Namibian hunting

I linked to this article from Africa Geographic in my piece about the McGrath non-scandal, but I draw your attention to it here as well, because it’s one of the best articles I’ve read on Afrcan hunting. In the words of Garry Mallard, the author basically tells all the latte-lapping, rich white western female university students with dolphin tattoos to go away and mind their own business….but he provides some compelling reasons why they should.

Brown stands firm on deer

To finish we have this piece from The Land in which the Shooters and Fishers Party’s Robert Brown stands firm against suggestions that tax payers should fund deer eradication programs when receational hunters stand ready and willing to do it for free. Way to go Robert! 




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