Glorify Unbreakable Sunglasses

Glorify Unbreakable Sunglasses

Reviewed by Tony Pizzata

At the recent S.C.I Show held in Tamworth, N.S.W. I was introduced to a new line of innovative eyewear that is claimed to be unbreakable. Quite a large order to fill in my books, as my “sunnies” rarely survived a full season when out bush. Made in Austria, they include a large range of sunglasses and goggles that were designed by Christoph Egger who wanted to develop eyewear that wouldn’t break or bend when accidentally crushed or sat on, while also offering complete safety and protection to your eyes.

Working with a team of plastics engineers they eventually developed a material made of high-end elastic components referred to as I-Flex and G-Flex for their lenses and frames and coupled this with a click mechanism to the side pieces and frames of the optics, allowing them to be put together or taken apart very quickly and easily if “overstretched”. In fact they claimed it didn’t matter how you bent or crushed these sunnies, its elasticity would always allow them to return to their original shape and that includes their lenses. The “Unbreakable” range are available in polarized or non-polarised lenses and have been ballistic tested and used by the Austrian military.

All Gloryfy lenses feature prismatic correction, which is necessary because of the curvature of the lenses that would otherwise cause distortion. While the lenses in the Gloryfy range of sunnies offer 100% UVA/B protection, they are also available with optical correction for prescription wearers.

Australian distributor for Gloryfy-Unbreakables, Petra Tscherner gave me a demonstration at the show at just how unbreakable these sunnies were and after hitting the sunnies with great force using a rubber mallet, she manually popped the lenses and proceeded to distort them, later jumping on them. To be truthful, I thought she’d ruined them, but shortly after, she simply gave them a wipe over and handed them to me to try on. I have a bad habit or mistreating my eyewear when out bush, throwing them in my pack or sitting on them, sometimes it can’t be helped, but after seeing that demonstration, these sunnies were definitely just what the doctor ordered so I got a pair!

Gloryfy Unbreakable sunnies are available in a Sports or Lifestyle collection in a variety of styles and colours to choose from. What’s more, lenses are available in a selection of colours also and include clear, different shades of yellow, green, orange, greys and more. If you’re interested, don’t just rush in and buy them, ask for a demo at your local sports store. At the time of writing I’m told they are now available at Safari Firearms in Sydney with other outlets soon to follow. Trade enquiries contact Petra at Eskimo Distribution Pty. Ltd. Mobile; 0407 930 762, email:
or visit

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