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New ARB Sleeping Bags

ARB Deluxe Canvas Sleeping Bag

ARB have released a new sleeping bag referred to as the Deluxe Canvas Sleeping Bag, which offers loads of room to move comfortably inside.
As the name implies, these sleeping bags are constructed of a cotton/canvas outer shell for strength and durability; cotton canvas is very water-resistant, incidentally, as NZ packmaker Macpac attest. Another major feature with this ARB Sleeping Bag is the fact that it offers a removable internal fleece liner making it a lot warmer in cold weather while allowing you to remove it for cleaning. Additionally, having non-down fill, the whole bag can be washed and hung on the line – try that with down bags.
Similar to ARB’s earlier model, this bag allows the option of joining two together to form a double sleeping bag with a rating

ARB Sleeping Bag Pocket for torch, keys etc
ARB Sleeping Bag Pocket for torch, keys etc

to -10 degrees C. Add to this dual zippers to help control comfort and warmth and ARB have got you covered. Other features include an internal pocket for storing keys, phone or similar and a removable hood which includes a generous pillow pocket.

Marcus took one on a recent campervan trip to far west NSW in July with his wife and had this to say. “We opened it right out to use as a doona; it is that big, while being relatively lightweight for the absolute comfort and warmth it provides in a big metal icebox parked in the frost. It they made one in camo, they could sell heaps to the Americans – just a thought.”

ARB Sleeping Bag zip closure close-up
ARB Sleeping Bag zip closure close-up

Filled with hollow fibre for breathability, water resistance and warmth, the new ARB Deluxe Canvas Sleeping bag is available at your nearest ARB outlet.
To find your nearest outlet or for further details




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