Osprey Stretch over rifle on bipod.

Osprey’s Stetch Gun Cover

Osprey Stretch over rifle on bipod.
Osprey Stretch over rifle on bipod.

This new stretch stalker cover quickly and easily fits to any rifle for ultimate protection from scrub and weather while hunting game. Fits any length from 42 to 52 inches. Can be used with carry sling fitted to firearm and bipods etc. Made of sturdy, elastic-tensioned camo-patterned and water-resistant Cordura, it is totally open at the rifle’s base, for easy insertion, but handy for immediate deployment in the field.

It truly is a “one size fits all” carrying solution as I found when transporting my long-barrelled Brno Model 2 to the ANZAC Rimfire Range recently. It is really handy when you put it in your boot when you secure your rifle to the car by use of a padlocked plastic-covered steel cable through the trigger guard – a bit quicker and less involved than running the cable through a conventional zipped soft gun case interior and similarly, you can place it at your firing point on a bipod or on its side and the rifle does not heat up in the sun, nor get wet in light rain.

Osprey stretch on the hunt
Osprey stretch on the hunt

Unlike a gun case or bag, this cover is open along one end which allows you to shoulder your firearm via its sling yet offers protection from the elements. If and when you need to take a shot, simply un-sling off your shoulder, remove the cover and shoot. is scope compatible and thanks to an adjustable draw chord, compact and very lightweight. This innovative idea is born from experiences in the field and obviously made by hunters for hunters. Whether you’re travelling on a quad bike out on the dusty flats, backpacking into remote areas, or simply wish to protect your firearm from the elements when out bush, the Stretch will have you’re firearm covered. Having been caught out in a flash rainstorm more than once while hunting, I would have given my eye teeth to avoid the cleanup job I had to do when back at base that night. Carrying the Stretch would have had me covered and dry; well I would have been wet, but my rifle would have been fine.

Tim, who is also pictured in this review, found the Osprey Stretch light enough not to be noticeable on his .270 sporter when he carried it on a recent hunt. Overall, as Nick says, it’s a pious idea. Osprey has a range of shooting storage and transport accessories which you will find in Alcock and Pierce’s catalogue when you visit their website: www.alcockandpierce.com.au

Osprey stretch at the range
Osprey stretch at the range




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