Pro-Tactical PCB bore cleaner review

Review: Pro-Tactical PCB bore cleaner

When I saw the PCB-soaked patches coming out of my old Mauser’s barrel, all blue and filthy, I got really, really excited.

Testing gun-care products is difficult, not because it’s hard to clean firearms but because most of the products are not all that different from their competitors.

Pro-Tactical PCB bore cleaner review
Before and after views using PCB. The copper vanished, although it took a bit longer to finally clean up the carbon buildup

I sort of dreaded doing this review because I didn’t know if I’d find out anything worth saying. Then I saw the PCB go to work in my old Mauser’s barrel.

The rifle was well used when I bought it, supremely accurate with the right handload but unimpressive with all the factory ammo I’ve tried. I looked inside with my bore scope and saw black-as-black lands with glittering golden grooves.

The bore was caked with carbon and copper buildups. I’ve since tried all sorts of solvents and cleaners with only minor improvement.

But with Pro-Tactical PCB I saw dramatic and quick improvement. Within an hour, using a bronze brush as well as patches, the PCB bore cleaner had stripped all the copper out except a handful of stubborn deposits.

Pro-Tactical PCB bore cleaner review
The PCB bore cleaner came out full of copper fouling it had removed from the old barrel

The black of burnt carbon was retreating down the barrel, too.

Taking the plunge, I soaked the bore overnight and was rewarded with the bluest patch I’ve ever seen in my life, plus a noticeably cleaner barrel.

Over a few weeks I kept working away at it and the barrel eventually came up like I never thought I would ever see it.

In other words, this PCB cleaner stands out above others and I am impressed. And it’s made in Australia.

Pro-Tactical PCB bore cleaner review
The recommendation is to run PCB down the barrel on a patch and leave it for five minutes

At $19 for a 125mL bottle it’s competitively priced — in fact, it’s good value in terms of the effect you get for the dollar.

PCB is a cleaner, not an oil or rust treatment. After using it, you should run a metho-soaked patch through to clean out the last of the PCB and then apply some gun oil.

PCB left no stains on my stocks or anything, and nor did it do any apparently harm when I left it in that Mauser barrel overnight.

I used it in other barrels — barrels that are inherently clean — and the PCB stripped more fouling out of some than I’d like to admit. I’ve seen enough to convince me to switch to PCB; I now use it in all my rifles.

PCB is the headline act in Pro-Tactical’s gun-care range, which covers the full spectrum of hardware and liquids you might need.

Find out more on the Pro-Tactical website. You can buy it there as well as from gun shops.

Pro-Tactical PCB bore cleaner review
Pro-Tactical has a full range of cleaner gear besides the PCB bore cleaner




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