Rigby Big Game Lightweight hunting rifle

Rigby Big Game Lightweight rifle

The new Lightweight is the latest addition to the line-up of John Rigby & Co Big Games rifles. This lightened model is chambered in .350 Rigby Magnum, a beloved classic calibre known for its stopping power and mild recoil; it’s also available in the quintessential .375 H&H and the .300 H&H. 

The classy rifle is an ideal choice for hunting African plains game or North American big game. Built on a Mauser 98 Magnum double square bridged action, the Big Game Lightweight features a three-position side safety and has capacity to hold five cartridges in the magazine and one in the chamber.

Rigby Big Game Lightweight hunting rifle
Rigby’s Big Game Lightweight is a very exclusive hunting rifle

The Lightweight has a new slim-profile 24-inch barrel with “J Rigby & Co London England” engraved in old English font; it has a barrel band with swivels for sling attachment. 

The express island-style sights are compromised of a ramp front sight with an elevation-adjustable yellow bead, and a rear sight with one fixed blade for 65 yards, plus two folding blades for 150 and 250 yards, complete with windage adjustment.

The stock profile mirrors the vintage pre-war models, with no cheek piece and larger hand-chequered panels. Length of pull is 37cm (14½ inches). 

The stock is Grade 5 walnut as standard, but you can option up to Grade 9. It is oil finished and fitted with a red rubber recoil pad. 

Rigby Big Game Lightweight hunting rifle
The Mauser 98 action is topped with tip-off scope mounts

The Rigby’s finishing touches include a colour case hardened recoil bar and grip cap, while the new flat, slim-profile magazine floorplate is engraved with the Rigby double-R logo. 

Each rifle is also fitted with quick detachable swing-off scope mounts.

If you have to ask the price, you probably can’t afford this exquisite firearm, but if you must know, the price of entry is $25,900.

To find out more ask at your local gun shop or visit the Pro-Tactical website.

Rigby Big Game Lightweight hunting rifle
Standard stock is Grade 5 walnut but you can option up to Grade 9




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