Ridgeline Ascent rapid lace hunting boots

Ridgeline Ascent rapid-lace boots

Ridgeline’s all-new Ascent hunting boots have a rapid-lace design that is unique in our market.

The rapid-lace feature is the ATOP fastening system that offers quick lacing via a very fine but strong stainless-steel lace and centre dial that’s quick and easy to tension or relax without them getting snagged or stuck.

This system also allows the steel lace to tighten with equal tension across the foot for a more comfortable fit.

The new Ascent boots are constructed of a moulded fabric upper and ideal for flat to hilly terrain with flex in the sole, so they’re ideal for long-distance walks and tramping through the bush.

After a long day in the bush, if you find it hard to release the laces of your boots as I sometimes do due to caked on mud, water and dust, you’ll appreciate the new ATOP rapid fastening system.

Lightweight and waterproof, these boots are very comfortable to wear.

While these steel laces should last the life of the boot, they are also replaceable and available through Ridgeline.

Available in sizes US 7 to 13, they retail for under $350 and are now available through your local Ridgeline stockist.

Ridgeline offers a selection of footwear to suit the terrain and climate you are hunting. Its Aoraki and Apache boots are ideal for rugged terrain and mountain hunting and are a full-grain Nubuck leather boot.

The Mallee and Arapahoe feature a combination of leather and canvas nylon and are more suited to flat to hilly terrain and warmer climates.

To find out more visit www.ridgelineclothing.com.au. We will have a review here soon.




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