The Tenzing TC 1500 is very functional and high quality hunting daypack ,designed in he USA by hunters, for hunters.

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I recently changed my hunting day pack for the first time in twenty years. I suppose I thought it was high time I took advantage of the modern material available these days, not to mention the significant advancements in design and construction that have occurred over the past two decades. To cut a long story short, I’m mighty glad I made the switch.

The pack I’m using now is the TC 1500 daypack from Tenzing. Like all Tenzing packs, the TC 1500 is designed in the USA by hunters for hunters. It is marketed in the US as the perfect pack for treestand hunting, but I have found it equally perfect for deer stalking. Weighing in at only 1.4 kg, it is a lightweight pack but it is strong enough and big enough to carry all the gear you’ll need for a day’s deer hunting. Knives, maps, GPS, safety gear, ammo, rangefinder, cameras, food, meat bags, you name it, there’s room for it all in the TC 1500’s twelve well-placed compartments. The main compartment, in particular, is big enough to carry plenty of meat on those gruelling carry outs, but there are also some much smaller zip-up compartments ideal for stowing valuables.

On the outside, meanwhile, the TC 1500 is constructed from Dyneema panels covered with soft and silent tricot fabric to deaden the noise caused by brushing against vegetation. The fabric comes in the famous Realtree camouflage design to help you blend in to the bush. I can tell you, too, that all the stitching is extremely well finished and the quality zips have prominent toggles for easy access when you need it. There is even a weatherproof port through which you can poke the tube from your water bladder.

There are two other features that add immeasurably to the functionality of this pack. The first is a fold out rain jacket that is stowed inside a stuff sack sewn in the top of the pack. When Hughie starts sending her down, it’s a simple matter of stretching the cover over the pack to make doubly sure the contents stay dry. The second defining feature of the pack is a drop down boot for attaching a rifle (or bow). When you need your hands free for climbing or carrying game, this boot houses the rifle’s butt and makes it easy to strap your firearm securely to the back of the pack.

These features are all very well, but the proof of the pack is in the carrying and this one carries extremely well. With a breathable mesh back pad resting on a single internal aluminium frame stay, broad, padded shoulder and hip straps, plus a stretchable waist belt, this pack is so comfortable you may well forget that it’s on your back. Added to that there are compression straps on the back and bottom to stop things flopping around if the pack is not completely full.

Tenzing hunting packs are sold and distributed by Wild Game Australia. If you’re in the market for a daypack, I thoroughly recommend the Tenzing TC 1500. You can find further information about this and the other Tenzing packs at Check out the video below, too.




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