This sign was hung on the front gate of a man who has led a campaign against Greens hypocrisy.

Death threats and personal attacks: antis losing the plot

When something is backed into a corner and losing, it gets nasty and will fight hard. That’s why the anti-hunt mob is getting vicious, truly vicious.

Garry Mallard has become the target of particularly nasty, personal attacks that have come close to home – right to his front gate, where someone hung a crude sign claiming “perverts kill animals for fun”.

“It was dumb luck that the sign was brought to my attention by a walker before all the kiddies lined up to catch the school bus out front,” he reckons.

Garry has had one thinly veiled death threat: a photo of a dead Mallard duck with crossed shotguns above it and the message, “Mallard should shut his f***ing mouth”.

The sign was hung up on his wife’s birthday. “She suffers from manic depression,” Garry points out, “and this sort of thing is a real slug to her. Still, she told me today that we cannot allow bullies to win by stepping back from the fight.”

The ‘fight’ was chosen by a pack of cowardly and often anonymous bullies rounding on hunters like Dan Field, organiser of HuntFest, and Garry, who has been blogging regularly about the vilification of hunters by the Greens and many of their supporters; he is keen to differentiate between greenies and the Greens; like many of us, he is somewhat green in his leanings but has no time at all for the Greens party. 

Garry and Dan are two representives of what the extremists hate: us. In comments posted by people who signed an anti-hunting petition for the RSPCA recently we were described as:

  • the scum of society and scum of the earth
  • scum that’s going to start crawling out of the cracks
  • a pack of hypocrits [sic]
  • ugly thugs
  • vile horrible barbaric individuals. They have a look about them
  • lowest form of humans

… and many more things. That last one presaged the petitioner’s suggestion to “capture [hunters] and then release them only to be hunted down”. Dehumanising those you hate makes it easy to suggest they be killed, and many petitioners wanted us dead:

  • “If u think its ok to hunt n shoot animals then i think it should be ok that we hunt and shoot you!”
  • “How about we take the scum of the earth like child and animal abusers, throw them in a caged area where all and sundry can take their shot. I’m all for that!”
  • “I would love to get a gun and shot them and let them see how it feels!”
  • “Shoot the members of the Shooters Party not the animals and birds.”

And so on. Perhaps one was correct in claiming, “hunting … encourages not only the murdering of animals, but the murdering of humans,” except it’s obviously not hunters who are working themselves up to murder!

The RSPCA’s misleading and biased call to action on the petition didn’t help, either, failing utterly to paint a fair picture the proposed laws they were opposing. The ignorance and stupidity of dozens of comments reflected the success of the RSPCA’s propaganda. The Greens are guilty of exactly the same thing, and it incites hatred.

The anger and implied violence of someone who would hang a sign saying “perverts kill animals for fun” on someone’s gate is genuinely dangerous. Those people have no empathy for fellow humans, no ability to rationalise, no concept of acceptance and compromise. And clearly no idea about their hypocrisy.

It’s important that we keep level heads while our opponents rev themselves into sanctimonious delirium before imploding. The extreme Greens and their fanatical followers will disappear soon enough, and we will be able to enjoy our sport in a quiet and sustainable way while their lies and threats vanish into history.




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Mick Matheson

Mick grew up with guns and journalism, and has included both in his career. A life-long hunter, he has long-distant military experience and holds licence categories A, B and H. In the glory days of print media, he edited six national magazines in total, and has written about, photographed and filmed firearms and hunting for more than 15 years.